Excelsior Bourbon

Excelsior Bourbon

Coppersea 100 percent New York Excelsior Bourbon is the first whisky to be aged in barrels made from New York-harvested American white oak since prohibition, and likely long before that era. We worked with the team at US Barrel to develop the first tight barrel cooperage in the Northeast US in generations. Up to 75 percent of the flavors of an aged whisky comes from the oak in which it is aged, so our barrels, once filled with our bourbon made from 100 percent Hudson Valley corn, rye and barley, produce a whisky expressing an unequivocal taste of New York terroir. As with all Coppersea whiskies, we ferment the mash in open wooden tanks and distill twice in simple, direct-fired copper pot stills.

Tasting notes

Coppersea 100 percent New York Excelsior Bourbon has notes of polenta, bread toast and a good amount of black pepper from the high rye content, mingling with robust notes of vanilla, almonds and cedar from the oak.

Technical information

Mash bill: 60% corn, 30% rye, 10% malted barley

Aged at least 1 year in American white oak 100% New York barrels

Bottled at 96 proof

Alcohol: 48%

More info from Wilson Daniels

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