Heritage Methods


Floor Malted Grain

We grow our own grain, or source it from neighboring Hudson Valley Farms. It is then floor malted in house and milled by hand at the distillery.





Open Fermentation

We ferment in American-made 500 gallon open wood tanks, and use sour-mashing for flavor enhancement and consistency.




Direct Fire

Our direct-fired simple alembic copper stills sit inside our custom-built still oven, enabling us to create spirits of depth and distinction.




Low Proof Aging

We age our spirits in 30- and 50-gallon barrels at a standard proof of 101 to release equal amounts of alcohol- and water-soluble components from the barrel.

We have also worked with US Barrel to produce Excelsior Bourbon, the first spirit aged in barrels made in New York, from NY oak, in generations.


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